Ouroboros - Jormungandr Viking Bracelet, Men Stainless Steel Heavy Handmade Punk Vintage Biker Snake Wrist Chain, Novelty Nordic Serpent Dragon Amulet Ethnic Jewelry Cuff Bangle

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Ouroboros - Jormungandr Viking Bracelet, Men Stainless Steel Heavy Handmade Punk Vintage Biker Snake Wrist Chain, Novelty Nordic Serpent Dragon Amulet Ethnic Jewelry Cuff Bangle

Ouroboros - Jormungandr Viking Bracelet, Men Stainless Steel Heavy Handmade Punk Vintage Biker Snake Wrist Chain, Novelty Nordic Serpent Dragon Amulet Ethnic Jewelry Cuff Bangle

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However, after his victory, Thor will be covered in so much of Jormungandr’s venom that he will only be able to walk nine steps before falling to his own death. Jormungandr will breathe so much of his poison into the air that he will poison all of the nine worlds of the Norse cosmos. The symbol of Jorumungandr is represented by a serpent that is twisted into a circle. According to some myths, this symbol is also known as the Ouroboros symbol where the snake eats its own tail as ‘oura’ refers to tail and ‘robos’ refers to eating. The Greek philosopher Plato refers to the Ouroboros as the first living creature in existence. In most cultures this serpent symbol represented the circle of life, that has no true beginning or end, with everything simply transforming into something new. Jormungandr pieces in the VKNG Collection Myths About Jormungandr He sent Hel to the underworld to reign over the land of the dead. He chained Fenrir up in Asgard using an enchanted ribbon made by the dwarves. Finally, he threw the then small serpent Jormungandr into the ocean that surrounds Midgard, which is why he is also known as the Midgard Serpent. If you are ready to experiment with your Jormungandr tattoo and want to try something new and funky rather than the traditional tattoos, you can place the Jormungandr tattoo on the side of our head. As seen in the picture, many people shave a patch of hair on the side of their head and place the tattoo of the Jormungandr there. The arch, bent shape behind the ear will also be the perfect place to set the tattoos. However, such a tattoo may be a little difficult to maintain and take care of as you have to keep that area shaved at all times to show the tattoo.

This is the result of craftsmanship and nature itself, as all the materials are taken from nature's gifts, in the spirit of the Viking age. Thanks to fast home delivery, you can strap your latest acquisition to your wrist in moments, a companion to support you in challenging moments, a guide during watershed events or a source of strength in the draining flow of everyday life. Loki, the God of Mischief, was the father of Jormungandr. According to Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the battle that ultimately causes the end of the world. During this battle, Jormungandr was fated to kill Thor, the powerful God of Thunger, wreaking havoc and destruction upon the world. You can see with your own eyes, when you browse our range, the appeal of the contemporary designs, original craftsmanship and the contribution of natural materials. If you are a big fan of the Thor movies created by Marvel, then you must be interested in Nordic mythology and the other gods apart from Thor. Odin, Thor, Loki and their other family members including Frigga all have wonderful stories as they get embark on godly adventures. If you want a unique tattoo from Nordic mythology, you can also combine two or more symbols in your Viking tattoo. As seen in the picture, the wearer has added a Viking axe called the Skeggox or the bearded axe along with the Jormungandr. These axes were used as tools and weapons in various Scandinavian Nordic countries where the Vikings lived. Slain warriors from the enemy side were often killed with the help of the Skeggox. Consequently, if you need some inspiration about how to make your Norse tattoo cooler, you just need to open up your mythology and history books for more details!Jormungandr, also known as the World Serpent, is a powerful symbol in Norse mythology. The design of this leather bracelet brings the mythical creature to life, giving you a piece of history to wear wherever you go. The intricate detailing on the bracelet captures the essence of the serpent, making it a must-have for anyone with an interest in mythology. We recommend that you get a bracelet that is longer than your wrist measurement to give yourself some breathing room. Chest tattoos are also quite popular among tattoo lovers who like to cover up every part of their body with ink. If you have decided to get a big, complex and elaborate chest tattoo with some Viking or Norse symbol, then you can definitely look at Jormungandr tattoo images on the internet. Jormungandr was associated with the Ouroboros, a symbol of a serpent biting its own tail and forming an unending circle. While this symbol does not seem to have been particular common among the Vikings, it has appeared across cultures throughout time, being present in ancient Egypt and ancient India. Our bracelets will adapt to your outfits. As long as you have the Viking style, there is something for everyone! All the silver jewelry we offer is designed to be part of a coherent range, so that your bracelet will perfectly match another piece of jewelry in our collections: pendants, rings, Viking t-shirts or earrings. Something to please a loved one who shares the noble values of the Vikings. All our bracelets are adjustable to perfectly fit all wrist sizes.

Ragnarok is one of the most definitive moments in Norse mythology. If you have seen the TV series ‘Ragnarok’ or watched the fun Marvel movie ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, you will know that it literally means the end of Asgard as well as the whole world. In the movie, Thor along with Loki protect the citizens of Asgard but cannot protect Asgard. However, in actual mythological stories, the monster named Jormungandr actually kills the God of Thunder named Thor. Loki will lead an army into Asgard to fight the Aesir gods, and will fight to the death with the Aesir god Heimdall. Fenrir will devour Odin himself, before being slain by one of Odin’s sons.

The Strongest Viking Skeletal Dragon Bracelet

The anchor, axe or even paracord Viking bracelet variations not only have an unusual look, they are also top of the range in terms of quality. The stainless, premium quality, handcrafted wedges combine the values and stylistic features of the old days with the demands of the modern world, with a result that is not to be missed.

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