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The Humans

The Humans

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There are some hilarious but also very wise philosophical statements and scenes in this book, which I will share later this weekend. Alerted to this amazing breakthrough on the other side of the universe, and convinced that the secret of primes cannot be entrusted to such a violent and backward species as humans, the super-advanced Vonnadorians dispatch an emissary to erase Martin and all traces of his discovery. That is why so much that is beautiful on this planet has to do with time passing and the Earth turning.

As the book progresses it becomes more poignant, Martin learns more about what it means to be human, thanks partly to a dog, peanut butter and Emily Dickinson. Disguised as Martin, he drinks wine, reads poetry, develops an ear for rock music, and a taste for peanut butter. So here’s some reviewing math for The Humans: smart-alecky alien who makes fun of humankind (4 stars) + heavy-handed existential tripe (2 stars) = 3 stars. He repeatedly asks himself and others, what it is like to be human and as he learns about belonging and love, he eventually wants to become one. they have developed technology at a rate too fast for human psychology to keep up with, and yet they still pursue advancement for the advancement’s sake, and for the pursuit of the money and fame they all crave so much”.As a black hole forms it creates an immense gamma-ray burst, blinding whole galaxies with light and destroying millions of worlds. The real Andrew Martin was selfish, singularly focused on fame, emotionally closed off, vain, and unfaithful.

There are a ton of lines like this at the end that made me figuratively gag: To experience beauty on Earth, you needed to experience pain and to know mortality. This hypothesis involves prime numbers and the rate at which the amount of prime numbers become smaller as numbers get larger(which numbers grow to infinity). Much of the first half of the novel is taken up by his puzzled analyses of primitive human ways: the nightly news, he reckons, should be renamed The War and Money Show; getting drunk is how humans forget they are mortal, while hangovers are how they remember. But then he starts liking and loving his wife, gets involved in the strained life of his growingup son to help him, and he likes the dog :-) And then he finds out life on earth is not so bad, although 'the humans' could learn a lot. The Vonnadorians are horrified by this breakthrough as they see humans as a primitive, violent race not ready for the advancements the solving of the hypothesis will bring.But the universe decides we aren't ready for such massive knowledge and sends an alien to kill, then inhabit the body of Andrew, with the mission to remove any evidence of his findings. An unnamed alien is therefore sent to Earth on a mission to ensure humankind remains unaware that this secret has been solved.

He is disgusted by the way humans look, what they eat, and the wars they witness on the news, and is totally baffled by concepts such as love and family. Haig converts that into a novel length observation about the humans, and adds a twist: instead of observing only from a constant alien perspective, he makes the vantage point an ever shifting one - that of a continually evolving perspective that is moving closer and closer to that of the human.Let us open our minds entirely, for what you are about to read will need every prejudice you may have to stand aside in the name of understanding.

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