Disney Star Wars - Loopin Chewie Family Board Game - Loopin Louie

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Disney Star Wars - Loopin Chewie Family Board Game - Loopin Louie

Disney Star Wars - Loopin Chewie Family Board Game - Loopin Louie

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Parents note: Zombie Kidz has a double sided board offering two difficulty levels. You can also add or remove zombies from the board to make the game easier or harder. In Loopin’ Chewie, each player is given an arm with a lever on it, and 3 blue stormtroopers discs. Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon are attached to a central hub which, when turned on, causes Chewbacca to go zooming around in circles. As Chewbacca approaches your base you simply press a button to fend him off and cause him to skip over your base…or at least you hope that’s what happens. Labyrinth is a fun tile laying game with a light fantasy theme which has 2-4 players trying to find treasure in an ever-changing dungeon. Literally. Loopin' Louie, is an interactive electronic board game designed by Carol Wiseley and published by Milton Bradley in 1992. [1] It was given the Kinderspiel des Jahres award in 1994. [2] Although the game is designed for a maximum of 4 players, unofficial modifications were made by modders to increase the maximum number of players to eight. [3] A Star Wars variation called "Loopin' Chewie" was produced by Hasbro in 2015.

There's a lot of bad kids games out there. This father of four shows you a Top Six list of games that will entertain you as well as your kids! This player is the last player remaining in the game so they have won the game. My Thoughts on Loopin’ Louie Speaking of the components I think that at least the original version of Loopin’ Louie has pretty good components. I have to say that when I got my original copy of Loopin’ Louie out of storage, I didn’t expect the game to still work. We played the game quite a bit when we were kids and the game is 27 years old at this point. We even stupidly left a battery in the game which was obviously corroded after so many years. I was pleasantly surprised that our copy still worked though. This is not going to be the case for all copies of the game but I think this is pretty impressive. The components are all plastic but they are quite durable which is important for a children’s game. I also love the game’s design as it screams early 1990s children’s game.Moustache Smash is a seriously fun and silly family game for 3 to 6 people. Be the first to smash your moustache down on a card matching either the color, or shape, of your moustache. Collect the most cards by the end of the game and you’re the winner! At first glance some might dismiss Zingo as a mere Bingo clone, but that would be doing it a disservice. In Zingo one player reveals 2 tiles at a time using a really cool machine, then calls out their name (or shape if your child can’t read). This is an amazing game that is always full of laughter. The original Loopin' Louie is a great choic if you have 4 players, while Chewie is the 3 player variant.

On your turn you’ll take your tile, rotating it in any way you desire, and place it into one of the open lanes indicated by the yellow triangles around the outside of the board. You’ll accomplish your purpose, but in doing so you’ll push one tile out the other side, which is the tile that the next player begins with.Keep in mind these aren’t necessarily my favorite games, but they’re fun, fast, and your kids will love them. More importantly you’ll love spending time with your kids, and introducing them to the best hobby in the world. Keep your eyes open for my next piece, where I cover games good for 5-10 year olds (a great age for gaming). Zingo is a Bingo style game in which players call out, and place, tiles with common shapes, onto their card. The first player to fill their card is the winner. Labyrinth is a 7×7 board with 50 tiles showing treasure, tunnels, dead ends, monsters, and all sorts of dungeon-crawly type things. 16 of the tiles are glued to the board with spacing that allows the other tiles to slide in between them. The tiles are shuffled and laid face up onto the board with the single leftover tile being given to the first player. Labyrinth is an easy game. It’s light, and fun, and usually plays in less than 30 minutes. It’s bright, colorful, and has a good amount of choice, without being overwhelming for smaller kids. It also has really sturdy components so you can play it for years without it wearing out. Labyrinth is like a Where’s Waldo book in that kids will have to locate the treasure they’re looking for among the 50 tiles, and be able to work out a path to it so that they can collect it. Tsuro, the way of the path, is a simple tile laying game in which players lead their dragons down a winding trail towards other players. Keep your dragon on the path longer than anyone else and your victory is assured.

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